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Renaissance Prosthetics is in the Houston area to serve people who want to keep their independence and enjoy their life with well fitting prostheses. Most would call them average folk. We call them honorable because they want to continue their life.


Life Moves ON

However you arrived at using a prosthesis, life moves on. Family and work and enjoyable activities are still part of your life. Renaissance Prosthetics can provide a prosthesis that helps you move on too.

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Keep Moving

We want to share the success stories of those we have seen become honorable because they kept moving for their own life. share your story too !

Keep Moving

Barriers can be builders

In the rehab world, sometimes that which stops you from moving forward are called barriers. Renaissance Prosthetics chooses to see them as upward moving steps that become builders for your independence.

Barriers become Builders


Equal attention is the best way to provide a prosthesis designed for your life. Your ideas and opinions are just as important as the prosthetist who provides the service and the doctors and the therapists that help move you toward independence.


Just as the rest of your body can change month to month, the fitting of your prosthesis can change day to day. Maybe the first fitting will take a couple of visits to make the fitting the best. Certainly as you become better at using the prosthesis, the fitting will change too. Our Renaissance Prosthetics team can guide you through this.


Service goes way beyond providing a prosthesis and getting all the documentation done. It is about follow up care even more: follow up concern for your overall well being. Renaissance Prosthetics is a local community company.  You are a person and we are both a part of our local community. You will not ever be just a corporate number.

Our office is in Suite 2002 at 440 Benmar Drive Houston TX

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