Each person has different needs to be happy and independent in their lives. As you meet with our staff at Renaissance Prosthetics we encourage you to voice your opinions on what you want and need for your lifestyle. The components we offer can be combined in many unique variations.
If you are a new amputee you want to be prepared to do two maybe even three socket changes  very quickly because the size of your leg will change very fast when it is held inside a socket that carries your body weight as you walk. There may be a couple or more times to visit to get adjustments made for comfort. Th first six months of prosthetic use does result in more prosthetic adjustment visits than you first expect.
As your leg matures and gets to a more stable volume, then is a good time to consider socket design that provides more control and choosing components that allow you to walk  more efficiently. There will be plenty of time to research different components and the value of each.  Consider Renaissance Prosthetics as your partner toward defining your independence.