Above Knee Prosthetics

The most important part of the above knee prosthesis is the socket that contacts your skin on the remaining thigh. The are many ways to hold the prosthesis onto your leg.  Each one has good points and some bad points.

Suction  suspension has nothing between your skin and the prosthesis. It provides the most control for above knee prosthetics. It requires that your leg remain basically the same size. Any volume changes will make the prosthesis more difficult to keep on your leg well. You do not have to worry about liners or socks which is a plus.

Gel suspension can be either with pin lock system or a lanyard system.  This system is more forgiving for volume changes in your leg. If you are a new amputee this may be a better option for the first socket. Then as your leg becomes more mature you c n consider the suction system.

The next important factors  are the knee and foot components.  There are knees to provide better safety in stance and other knees for people more active in their walking skills.some knees lock automatically, Other knees lock only when a signal from the foot tells the knee to lock.

Most feet nowadays are designed with some kind of energy return. The choice for the right foot and knee interface depends on your activity leve land how well you can manage goals of prosthetic use.



Below Knee Prosthetics

Just like in above knee prosthetics  the socket is the most important component  for below knee prosthetics. The interaction of soft tissue or muscles  working with the two bones in the lower leg  and the shape and position of the bones and muscles is what decides the socket design for a below knee amputee. The conditioning of the lowr leg is also important for successful us of a well designed below knee prosthesis.

Most below knee prostheses will use some kind of gel liner interface to cushion the bones of the lower leg. Then, over the liner is additions for either a pin lock, a suction, or a vacuum pump system to hold the below knee prosthesis onto your leg.Our prosthetist will share with you the different options and what he knows will help you the most to walk safely and efficiently.

The foot on a below knee prosthesis is very important to choose a design that works with your abilities and not  overuse your  remaining muscle strength. It may take trying a couple different kinds of feet to fell what works best for you.

Arm Prosthetics

Arm prosthetics as a subspecialty  is a very different world than lower extremity prosthetics.  The prosthesis has to fit your remaining arm, it has to be comfortable, it has to be able to work like a hand at some level. It has to stay in position even though it hangs in the air from your shoulder most of the time.The elbow joint and the hand has to work both independently and together to be able to do the tasks expected. Renaissance Prosthetics has had some success with arm prosthetics and we can help put together an arm prosthesis that will do all of this for you.